About us

Pluk is for everyone who loves healthy and happy people. With us,  you can be yourself.

Pluk is located in the 9 streets of Amsterdam. And now, we brought our piece of happiness to you, online. With the PLUKdreamteam we have created this webshop, so everybody all over the world can buy a piece of PLUK, and become a PLUKKER!

Maybe you visited pluk - or maybe you are about to - and know that, when you come inside, you come into a big, stylish, and bright room. The interior is white, open and fresh. White is a pure and a classic colour which stands for innocence, luxury and simplicity and we love to bring this back into our webshop.

We pick our products, always, with our PLUKvision in mind and so, we will always present them to you with quality, elegance and a lot of passion.

PLUK stands for happy people who wants to treat themselves! And now you can do that, wherever and whenever, at the PLUKWEBSHOP!

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