Special product care

We sell jewelry from different brands.
The Wild thing collectables jewelry is made from sterling silver925 and gold plated. The All the luck in the world jewelry and the Pluk jewelry is made from gold- or silver plated brass and also equires delicate handling. Though the plating is beautifully thick they do need special care. We recommend removing the jewelry when doing any of the following activities:

Showering, bathing or washing your hands.
Exercising (the salt in your sweat affects the plating)
Applying perfumes, lotions, oils etc.
Swimming (chlorine can often have a negative effect on plating over time)
Cleaning - especially with harsh chemicals

Your piece has individual characteristics and although equally as beautiful and unique they may vary slightly from the photograph and from each other. If you are concerned or have questions about jewelry care then please contact us at [email protected]

Tableware with golden details
The golden details on some of our tableware products need special care.
They are not suitable for the dishwasher, this can affect the golden detail.
The best for the details is the less contact with water. 

Our Iphonecases are a real fashion musthave.
The quality is good, but they don't give a 100% protection for falls or bumps. 


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